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Health and Well-being

I have suffered lower back pain for over 30 years and it had begun to completely take over my life. No holidays, rarely stopping away from home and becoming reliant on drugs, injections and anything else that promised some relief.

The constant boom and bust of each episode was ruling my life, my mind set was getting ever more negative and I was resigned to this being it for the remainder of my life.

A physio recommended Zélie and 8 sessions later I have improved beyond recognition. Just ask my long suffering wife who says I am a changed man!

Zélie has been through the process and is so empathic, professional and puts so much effort in.

I urge anyone to do this. It enhanced my life, giving me back my confidence and reducing the need for copious drugs, belts, injections and creams of all description.

You owe it to yourself to give it a go and this testimonial gives me one more chance to thank Zélie who has truly improved me as a person and dramatically changed my thought processes towards my condition.

I have been sufferingwith pain for a very long time. I cut back on my activities and my life seemed to be consumed by pain.  With no specific answers, I started on a downward decline.  I blamed myself and life, at times, seemed unbearable.  I distanced myself from my family and friends and felt very isolated.  I was constantly searching for answers and asking is this it for me?  I was only 49!

Zélie was recommended to me by my osteopath.  It was difficult for me to think positively but I connected with Zélie straight away. I felt like I’d found someone at last who understood what it is like.

I found the course enlightening but also sometimes difficult because I had fought my pain and buried my emotions, and the thought of being kind to myself, and learning acceptance and compassion for the pain was alien to me. But as I progressed, becoming more aware of my thoughts and reactions, I started to look and think differently.  During the meditations I was surprised by my positive thoughts!  Each session I’ve taken on board a new tool to help me to live a happier life.

I felt so comfortable and at ease with Zélie.  She helped me to understand the reason for my suffering and how damaging it can be.  I feel more positive and my family have noticed. The negative signals still pop up occasionally on my bad days, but now I know how to deal with them.

I look at things so differently and have learned how to take pleasure in the small things in life. I can actually take it easy on myself!   I had a particularly happy day recently and realised that I hadn’t felt like that in years!

I would urge anyone suffering from chronic pain, stress and anxiety to try mindfulness with Zélie.  I could not have imagined that after two months of working with her I would be feeling as I do now!

For thirty years I thought my pain was in my body, and now I know my brain and mind play a big part too. It helped that Zélie lives with chronic pain and I felt she really understood what I was going through. The course was extremely useful in helping me to understand and manage my pain better. I would recommend it.