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Mindfulness for Stress and Well-Being

‘nothing goes right on the outside when nothing is going right on the inside’

Matthieu Ricard

This popular, highly effective course, will help you to reduce and manage your stress and find balance in your life.

You will learn about

  • the theory and practice of mindfulness
  • specific meditations to deepen your awareness and reduce your stress
  • working with difficult thoughts and experiences
  • the benefits of self-kindness and compassion
  • how to use your new skills and practises in your future life
‘this course has been excellent at teaching me techniques I can use to handle my big problem with anxiety and stress. Zélie’s teaching is of a very high standard’ PH.

Group Work – max. 6 participants

8 weeks ◉ 1½ hrs ◉ £25 per session

Includes CDs, book and weekly handouts

One to one

8 weeks ◉ 1½ hrs ◉ £45 per session
low income concessions available

Includes CDs, book and weekly handouts

‘I feel much less stressed at work and honestly feel this course has changed my life’ SQ.

Follow-on Meditation Classes

…can be a great way of helping you to deepen your meditation practise and continue to explore aspects of the course in a friendly and informal setting.

1-1½ hours – £5