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Mindfulness for Health and Well-Being

‘I went to work this morning for the first time in a year with no back or pelvis support on and I managed the pain through breathing and it made such a difference I couldn’t believe it, so I’m really looking forward to the rest of the course’

This course will give you the strategies and practises to regain your health and well-being.

You will learn about

  • the theory and practice of mindfulness
  • specific meditations to deepen your awareness and reduce your pain
  • how to pace your activities and become more active and healthy
  • feeling more connected to others and less isolated
  • how to use your new skills and practises in your future life
‘It was so good.  I hugely admire your method of teaching and I took so much from it.  I am so pleased to see how much the group is going to get from this course.’ RT.

Group Work – max. 6 participants

8 weeks ◉ 1½ hrs ◉ £25 per session

Includes CDs, book and weekly handouts

One to one

8 weeks ◉ 1½ hrs ◉ £45 per session
low income concessions available

Includes CDs, book and weekly handouts

‘the course was extremely useful in helping me to understand and manage my pain better. I felt Zélie really understood what I was going through’ JW.
Follow-on Meditation Classes

…can be a great way of helping you to deepen your meditation practise and continue to explore aspects of the course in a friendly and informal setting.

1-1½ hours – £5